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Hand Painted Drum Concrete Pot

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These pots are hand painted and one of a kind.  Feel free to request certain colours.

Your pot is made to order, so please allow three weeks for your pot to be painted and sealed. As each pot is unique, there may be subtle variations in pattern and colour. Each pot is sealed with a satin varnish.  These pots have no drainage hole and it is recommended to not plant directly in the pot and keep your plant in its plastic nursery pot.  They can also be used as a vase.

Includes shipping within Australia.

Pot dimensions

  • Outer:  16m tall, 16cm wide at bottom

Care instructions

We recommend keeping your hand painted pot indoors, or outside under cover.  Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface and avoid submerging in water. If possible keep plants in their plastic growers pots and place a trivet or saucer underneath the pot.  Due to its handmade nature please handle your pot gently to avoid scratches, dents, and chips.