Fiona produces a range of ceramic products.  Some of the small ceramic pieces can be bought through the online shop.

Large and fragile pieces can only be purchased through Fiona's stockists or please contact Fiona directly.  Larger items cannot be shipped yet can be collected from Bentleigh or Mansfield.

Fiona loves producing ceramics. You can find her small ceramic animals, pods and snails; ceramic earrings; wish bracelets and pocket hugs in the shop.

Fiona also creates one off ceramics such as mushrooms, flowers, vases, sculptures and dishes. Due to the delicate nature of these larger ceramic products they are not available for shipping. You can view them at Fiona's stockists or on her Instagram page. If you are interested in larger ceramics they can be made to order (allow approx 3 weeks) and picked up from Bentleigh or Mansfield.

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Ceramic Mushrooms

Handmade by Fiona. All different. Fiona uses both earthenware and stoneware for her mushrooms and loves to experiment with different designs. Sometimes the glaze is dripped on as in the image. Sometimes she uses sgraffito, underglazes and textures.

Ceramic Flowers

Fiona's new passion is making flowers out of clay. These are always different and experimental. She also makes leaves and gumnuts. Flowers generally come in three sizes small, medium and large. Some have gold detailing. It's best to look at her Instagram to see the different styles. All flowers come on a metal spike.

Ceramic Vases

Fiona is always experimenting with different ceramic vases. Her favourite is the lady vases pictures. Each one is unique and different.