Handpainted Pots

Fiona hand paints cement, terracotta and ceramic pots.

Due to them being fragile and heavy they cannot be purchased online.

They can be purchased through Fiona's stockists or contact her directly for a custom order to be collected from Benteligh or Mansfield.

Painting pots has been one of Fiona's passions for about 8 years. Fiona ran out of wall space for paintings in her home so started to paint on pots. This also combined with her love of plants she has over 100 indoor plants!

The pots are either terracotta, ceramic or cement and come in various sizes and shapes. The art on the pots is very much just what Fiona feels like painting on the day. Sometimes they are quite abstract and other times they are a detailed artwork. The one common theme is they are all bright and happy. Pots are primed, painted in acrylics and then sealed with a waterproof varnish. Any pots with holes in them have a silicon plug. Fiona also paints ceramic pots with alcohol inks. These pots are sealed with varnish and a UV protectant.

Due to pots being fragile and heavy they are only available through Fiona's stockists or contact her directly for a custom order to be picked up in Bentleigh or Mansfield.

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Acrylic Painted Pots

Handmade by Fiona. All different. An original painting on a pot!

Inked Pots

These inked pots on stands have been one of Fiona's best sellers for years. Pop a plant, candle or pens in it. They brighten up any space. Every one different and unique. Pots are all finished with a gold rim.

Other Hand painted Objects

Fiona will pretty much paint anything she can. She sometimes paints watering cans, baskets, vases and even ski's! Keep an eye on her Instagram for these unique artworks. They are usually available through her stockists or by contacting Fiona directly.